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About Us

Fences play a vital role in ensuring the safety and protection of your property from trespassers. We at Fence Company Minneapolis, have been serving customer since 1998, we guarantee you the best fence installation at the most affordable rate.

If you are seeking for a fence company near you that provides the best quality of fences, you can call us at 612 688 5135 and our team will be happy to assist you in the whole process of installation as well as in maintaining your fence to keep it at its best despite natural calamities and weather that may come your way.

We prioritizes the following in order to achieve customer satisfaction:


As your local fence company, we want to provide our best services to you, our clients, for the most affordable rate possible without compromising the quality of materials used in order to ensure that you’ll be able to use it for the long run.


We at Fence Company Minneapolis deliver high quality services for our customers. With our well-trained team, we can guarantee you to have the most excellent customer service and fence installation that would make your money and time worthwhile.


Here at Minneapolis Fence Company, we can guarantee you to experience professionalism from our team starting from your application up to the constructions and installation process. Our company is composed of professionals who can address any issue and conflict as soon as possible in the most efficient way.


As your local fence company, we can assure you to rely on our services to be nothing but the best fence installation available on the market. Our construction team and staffs are well-trained to respond to your needs and request, because we value you as well as your properties safety.

Types Of Fencing Products We Offer

Fence Company Minneapolis offers different fences installation at the most affordable rate.

Vinyl Fence has three types that vary from each other in terms of the level of security that each provides. First is the Vinyl Privacy Fence which gives you 100% privacy for greater comfort and peace, while Vinyl Picket Fence pledges mainly security, but doesn’t give you 100% privacy due to the spaces between fences. Lastly, the Vinyl Semi-Private Fencing that gives you privacy and various choices of styles and colors to choose from that will increase the beauty of your place. So, if you’re seeking for style, security, and privacy, Vinyl Fence is for you. Feel free to call us at 612 688 5135 and we’ll gladly guide and assist you through the whole installation as well as maintenance process.

There are different types of Simtek Fences to choose from such as Bufftech Sherwood Privacy Fence, Simtek Ecostone Privacy Fence, Simtek Ecostone Style, and more. Simtek is known for being affordable, decorative and durable. You can pick from several colors that suit your property best; you can increase the style of your property without compromising the safety you get from it. So, if you are looking for a type of fence that can ravish everyone who walks by your property and at the same time keep trespassers and animals out of the premises, Simtek fence is for you. Feel free to reach out to us at 612 688 5135 and we’ll be happy to assist you through the process of installation up to the maintenance.

Steel and Aluminum Fences are entirely different from each other in terms of price and level of maintenance needed. Both can protect your property from any malicious activity by unfortunate visitors, and also possess high durability that can withstand natural calamities. Compared to steel, aluminum fence is more affordable and only requires minimal maintenance, so if you are on a tight budget, but don’t want to compromise the safety that you get you can go with aluminum fence. On the other hand, steel is pricier; because of the level of durability that it provides that can guarantee you the best quality of protection you can ask for. However, materials like steel are susceptible to corrosion and rusting, therefore it requires maintenance every now and then in order to keep it at its best condition.

1) Do you Offer Free Estimates?

Yes, we at Fence Company Minneapolis offer free estimates to help our customers in terms of lifting up the burden of having to spend hours trying to manually measure the backyard themselves. Aside from being free of charge; our estimating process is efficient and accurate with the help of our well-trained team in order to deliver the best services to our customers.

As your local fence company, we are here to serve you at any time, just contact us at 612-688-5135 and we’ll be happy to address your needs, whenever you need them, at an affordable rate.

2) How soon you can Install my Fence?

It depends on the type of fence you choose to have on your property. Various kinds require different materials as well, and if the installation requires permits and material fabrication, the process will take up to 5 weeks before installation.

On the other hand, if it doesn’t need what’s stated above, we can start the installation within 2 to 4 weeks.

As your local fence company, we are here to serve you at any time, just contact us at 612-688-5135 and we’ll be happy to address your needs, whenever you need them, at an affordable rate.

3) How long will my fence Installation take?

The length of the whole installation process depends on the services required such as customization, and the date when the installation is scheduled. If it’s scheduled within the week wherein there are holidays, it will usually take up 2 to 3 weeks, and a week with 3 working days if it doesn’t.

As your local fence company, we are here to serve you at any time, just contact us at 612-688-5135 and we’ll be happy to address your needs, whenever you need them, at an affordable rate.

4) Will you obtain a Fence permit for my Project?

Yes, we will be able to obtain the necessary permits once you provide us all the documents needed in order to acquire these permits. Kindly refer to the list below regarding the papers or forms required for the fence installation:


  • Signature Notarization
  • Mortgage Survey
  • Neighbor(s) Signature Form
  • Neighbors’ Association Approval – Compulsory

Without these requirements, we won’t be able to start the project and give one of the best services in the field of fencing. If you have questions regarding these requirements or services, contact us at 612-688-5135 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

5) What types of fencing materials do you  install?

We are known to be the best fencing company in Minneapolis, because of high quality materials that we are using to provide nothing but the best.

Below are the following materials that We use:

  • Aluminum for ornamental aluminum fence, aluminum porch hand railing, and more which is very affordable and highly durable minimal maintenance.
  • Steel for ornamental steel fence, and steel fence that are costly, but heavy duty that can withstand natural calamities if treated with proper care.

If you want to learn further about our materials, kindly contact us at 612-688-5135 and we’ll gladly discuss it with you.