Dumpster Enclosures Installation Minneapolis

We love to keep our areas clean, especially our homes, and that’s why we settle our garbage in places that are not open to the public. In order to hide these dumpsters and prevent the trash from going to somebody else’s front yard, you need a solid fence that can last through time while providing the best security for you and your neighbors.

Here are Fence Company Minneapolis, we like to give an extensive explanation when it comes to the materials to be used in our installation in order for you to select the most suitable material for your property.

These are the following materials that can be used for Dumpster Enclosures:

  • Wood – If you prioritize your privacy over anything else, wooden enclosure is the best type for you, but because of the attributes of a wood, you will need to maintain it through time which costs fees. Luckily, here in Fence Company Minneapolis, we offer affordable rates in maintenance services such as this.
  • Vinyl – This is also for the ones who seek for privacy, but it doesn’t provide much of a stopping power against external and internal forces.
  • Brick – Evidently the best type of enclosure, because of its long-lasting qualities that can withstand forces others can’t.
  • Steel and Aluminum – Regardless of the force and where it is coming from, we can ensure you that this type can withstand it with quality protection and security.
  • Chain Link – Aside from preventing animals from entering the area, this provides durability as well, but doesn’t give much privacy due to its open sightline.

If you are seeking for a fence company near you that provides the best quality of fences, you can call us at 612-688-5135 and our team will be happy to assist you with the whole process.